Gerald And Milly’s Adventure

Gerald And Milly’s Adventure

Dunshaughlin Community National School 1st Class 11th November 2022

Gerald the Red Panda was at home in the jungle.

He was playing tag inside with his best friend Milly the Rabbit.

They decided to go outside to search for the world’s  biggest chocolate doughnut and they lost themselves.

They heard noises and they felt scared.

They walked along to the seaside and they saw a shipwreck.

Geralnd and Milly swam over to the ship but Milly started to drown.

“Help me!” she cried.

Gerald picked her up, threw her on his back and put her on the ship. He pumped her stomach to get all of the water out.

Gerald And Milly’s Adventure

Milly said, “Thank you for saving me!”

“You are welcome,” said Gerald.

They found a chest and a key. Inside the chest there was a map.

“Wow!” said Milly.

“Wow!” said Gerald.

The map took them back to Gerald’s house. They were both tired and went to bed.

Gerald thought there was a ghost under the bed. He looked under the bed with his torch.

Gerald didn’t see anything but when he woke up he was in a dungeon...