Gary the Gummy Bear’s Wish

Mary the Gummy Bear’s Wish

Fighting Words Wicklow, Monkstown ETNS, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, 4th Class, 13 September 2023

Far, far away in Opalama, there lived a gummy bear named Gary. Opalama is a place where parents hide their sweets from children. Gary’s wife was Betty the Biscuit Bear.

They live in the Disneyland of Opalama and Gary has an evil brother called Fernando. Gary has a pet fish called Mr. Walking-Fish.

Gary’s greatest wish was to own all of Disneyland in Opalama, for the gummy bears, but there was one thing in his way: Da Person! Da Person ate half the gummy bears. Da Person wanted to take over Disneyland, as well, and Fernando, his evil brother, already owned it.

ary the Gummy Bear’s Wish

But Gary had a best friend, Sour Gummy Worm. Sour Gummy Worm helped Gary by tripping up Da Person, but Da Person was one of SIX BILLION People.

Meanwhile, Da Person was gathering an army of cheeseballs. Cheeseballs use the Weapon of Stink. Da Person teams up with Fernando. Fernando has his OWN army of 12 billion ice creams.

One day, when Gary was having gummy-eggs for breakfast, a girl picked him up.

At the same time, the ice cream army charged through his door! But Gary had a bodyguard: Peanut Butter Man.

Then Fernando burst in and knocked down the house…