Froggy’s Whimsical Adventure

Froggy’s Whimsical Adventure

Scoil Bhride Primary School Edenderry, Offaly, 5th Class, Fighting Words Offaly, 9th March 2023

Froggy the Frog starts on a quest to find the Whimsical Bucket of Water. He was hopping on lilypads using them as a trampoline. Suddenly he saw a beautiful snake and from then on they were best friends.

He said, “Hello, you’re a good- looking snake. Do you want to be friends with me? What’s your name?”

“I am Ssssamuel the Ssssnake”, he hissed, “Nice to meet you

and what’sss your name?”

“My name is Froggy the Frog”, as he did the macarena excitedly.

Froggy explained about his quest to find the Whimsical Bucket of Water and maybe Samuel could help him find it. “What issss the Whimsssical Bucket of Water,” asked Samuel.

Froggy explained that it was magic and it refilled itself every time it was used. He wanted it so that he could save the village with the water. Froggy’s problem was that his arch nemesis, Frogay, was also seeking it.

The following day, they went on a quest to find the Whimsical Bucket of Water together and suddenly they bumped into Frogay who was also searching for it.

Frogay was a red poisonous frog with red eyes and black polka dots and on days that he was looking for the Bucket, he wore black boots, a belt and a yellow raincoat. He had a henchman called Terry the Glass Frog who was almost see-through.

Frogay spoke in a deep child- like voice and said, “I’ve found the Bucket” and then …