Epsio The Land Monster

Epsio The Land Monster

St. Colmchille's Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 14th March 2023

Long, long ago, there was a land monster that was yellow. The yellow land monster was called Epsio. The yellow banana guy was in the bathroom singing a song. The banana’s name was Bob.

Epsio walked into the bathroom to hide from humans.

“Why won’t you give me some good steak,” sang Epsio. “Why won’t you give me some cheesecake?!”

“What are you doing?” said Bob the banana.

“I was joining in with the song,” replied Epsio. “But I was going outside to say hello to the humans when they started chasing me because they wanted to make me a pet for the National Pet Show!”

“That’s a coincidence,” snickered Bob the banana. “Something like that happened to me today too!”

“And then a girl proposed to me and I ran away extra fast.” Continued Epsio.

While Epsio was running extra fast, he ran into a lake and saw a mermaid…