The Dublin Detectives

The Dublin Detectives

Our Lady of the Wayside NS, Inchicore, 5th & 6th Class 29th November 2022

It was a dark, stormy, rainy night.

Detective Peter Roberts and his friend were driving through dublin looking for evil villians.

Peter said to his friend Randy: “I hope there is no tall buildings we have to climb to catch those vile beings”.  

Mr. Lock says: “I hope so too, but you have to promise me if we do climb them you’ll climb them with me”.

A few minutes later, they saw an evil villian that they were trying to catch.

Then suddenly they crashed into a pole and the villian got away.

The Dublin Detectives

They went back to their house but when they got there, they heard a mysterous knock.

Then they realised it was the pizza man, giving them their Domino’s pizza.

“Thank you for the pizza,” said Peter.

Peter turned around sharply as the window in the other room smashed.

The wind blew coldly as he went into the room.

His dog, Lucky, whimpered because he knew something was wrong.

And then they heard a ticking coming from the pizza box...