Dog Whose Lost

Dog Whose Lost

Central Remedial Clinic, RTC, 25 November 2022

Rhianna had just come back from her holidays in Tennerife. All of the way home she was thinking she wanted to see her dog Lily. Liliy was being kept in a large hutch at her friends house.

Rhianna knocked at her friends door. Danni opened the door and said, “Hi how are you doing, did you have a nice time?”

“Yes, I had a good time I went swimming and layed on the sun bed and went out for nice meals and did some sight seeing too!  

“Im glad you enjoyed your holidays.” said Dani.

Rhianna said, “I’m here for my pet.”

Danni felt a bit scared because she had to tell Rhianna the truth. “Lily ran down the street she’s  gone missing.”

“Im angry!!” Screamed Rhianna, “how did you let that happen?”

Dog Whose Lost

Dani was feeling very sad and she spoke very softly when she said, “I left the door open and Lily ran down the street.” as her eyes looked away from Rhianna.

Rhianna started to calm down and said. “Why did you leave the door open?”  

Dani calmy responded, “I dont know I forgot to close it.”

Rhianna was starting to worry that her dog was lost and may have even beem knocked down. So she asked Dani, “What are you gonna do to get my pet back?”

Dani says happily, “Ill put posters up?”

Rhianna was delighted and says with a thumbs up “Ill get a search party!”

They both made and printed the posters and started to put them on the trees......