Clukerson and Pip

Clukerson and Pip

Fighting Words Wicklow, St Mary's Senior NS Blessington 4th Class, 20th March 2024

Once upon a time, there was a chicken and a worm on the street. Then they saw a chicken nugget store.

‘Omg that looks tasty,’ said Pip.

‘No, don’t eat that, that’s my siblings!’ said Clukerson.

‘Too bad, I’m going to eat it until it’s all gone,’ said Pip.

Pip went in and ate all the chicken nuggets. Pip came out.

‘That might be me in the future,’ said Clukerson.

‘Then I’m eating you!’ Said Pip.

They walked along into an alley and there was a murderer!

They ran away into a skincare shop. Clukerson looked around in amazement.

People started surrounding them asking them what skincare they want to use. The people sprayed skincare into their eyes and kidnapped them.

Clukerson said, ‘I might as well go back to the nugget shop because that’s what we’ll be in a minute!’

They managed to escape the kidnapper, but the murderer caught them and put them in jail cells with no food or water.

Clukerson called one of his friends.

‘I’m sorry my bro,’ said Pip. ‘But this is my brother. You have to get used to him.’

‘Wait, what?’ Said Clukerson. ‘That’s my brother too?’

Suddenly, a bird came and picked up Pip…