The Cat, The Dog and the Dragon

The Cat, The Dog and the Dragon

Fighting Words Wicklow, Wicklow Montessori, Wicklow Town, Snr Infants, 1st class, 2nd class, 9.2.24

Once upon a time, a cat called Bowie was flying through the sky with his dog friend Hilix. Suddenly, the dog fell into the sea! Luckily, the cat swooped down and caught him.

But then, the three headed dragon was flying towards them. The dragon could breathe fire! There were arrows coming towards them, but they were invincible so they weren’t worried.

The dog told the cat that he lost his powers, but the cat gave the dog some of his powers. The dog suddenly got powers that he can run really fast! He could also turn into a huge, giant dog.

Then the cat flew into a house. Then the cat went crazy. The cat found a ball of cheese yarn. Then he ate it and got stronger powers.
When they were in the house, the dragon was hiding behind a bush, waiting for them to come out. But they could see out the window the dragon’s tail sticking out of the bush.

‘Hold on!’ said the dog, and they shot out the window. Meanwhile, the dragon looked at the cat, and realised the cat had gone crazy.
Bowie kicked the dragon really hard and he got kicked to another island.

The dragon had babies and had to stay on the island. The dragon’s babies grew up and the dragon flew back to the island.

Then suddenly, the dog lost his powers to fly at the top a mountain…