The Burn Battle

The Burn Battle

Fighting Words Wicklow, St Colmchilles Junior National School Knocklyon, Dublin, 2nd Class, 23 May 2023

Once upon a time, Sam the Waffle was with his friend Jake the stretchy dog when the Flaming Cat came along and ruined their fun by burning them.

Jake said to the Flaming Cat, “I can’t stand you!”

“Then sit down,” said the Flaming Cat.

The mythical Hydra appeared and said “Says the animal that is stupid.”

“You’re so dumb you got run over by a parked car,” said The Flaming Cat.

The Burn Battle

Jake realized he was talking! His greatest wish was to talk, so he was very happy.

The cat got so mad he tried to get rid of Jake by trying to find his dog kennel.

Jake said to the Flaming Cat, “you’re so ugly you should look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror it will break!”

“You were born on the M50 because that is where accidents happen,” said Sam the Waffle to the Flaming Cat.

“Wait, where’s Hydra?” said Jake. They looked around to see the Flaming Cat kidnapping him.

What should they do..?