Always On The Run

Always On The Run

Fighting Words Limerick, St. Anne’s Primary School, Rathkeale, 3rd Class, 18th May 2023

Once upon a time, there was a leopard called Lisa who lived in Rathkeale.

One day, she met Blackie the Black Panther underneath the playground in a tunnel. They only came on land at night when everyone in Rathkeale was sleeping.

They quickly became best friends because they liked each other and they thought alike.

One night, Lisa and Blackie came out of their tunnel and they saw a human. It started chasing them with a water gun.

“Aaaagghhhh!” They both squealed at the same time.

The human chased them all the way to the sewers when they became separated.

It was getting darker and darker. The human got lost and fell into the water.

Lisa and Blackie were feeling scared and lonely because they were separated. They tried to find their way back but they could not find each other.

Many years passed and they were still in the sewers, separated. One day Lisa had found Blackie lying on the ground, coughing. She almost drowned!

“Oh no! Are you okay?” asked Lisa.

“Lisa, is that you?” replied Blackie. “It has been five years!”

They recognised each other and gave one another a big hug.

Immediately after their hug, Blackie stopped coughing and felt better.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” said Blackie.

The human that chased them years ago had slipped into the water. A fire broke out in the sewers and the firefighters came. The human was saved but he never stopped looking for those cats.

Lisa and Blackie finally found their way home in the tunnel under the playground. When they got there, they realised that someone had found it and trashed it!

They went to Tadhg O’Connors to get some tools, furniture and beds to fix up their home. Everyone was so scared of them that they all left the hardware shop.

Lisa and Blackie looked at the cat beds.

Although all the humans were gone, the one human who chased them owned the shop.

The shop owner told the people of Rathkeale about the cats. He told them that they were scary and fierce. The people were so scared that they decided to run away if they ever saw Lisa and Blackie.

Lisa and Blackie were also very scared because they did not want to be captured.

There was a reward in town that if the two cats were captured, the human who caught them would receive €10,000.

People locked up all the shops and Lisa and Blackie were so very hungry.

Luckily, Jerry the police officer realised that all the people in Rathkeale were trying to capture Lisa and Blackie.

“Stop this right now!” said Jerry, putting out his hands. He was the head police officer -  very tall but also nice. But this situation made him feel very grumpy.

The man who was trying to capture Lisa and Blackie was Jerry’s twin brother. The people were getting confused because they thought that the man wanted them to capture the cats.

But they did not realise that Jerry had an evil twin brother - who owned Tadhg O’Connors.  They didn’t know who to trust!

Jerry knew that Lisa and Blackie were scared so he took them back to his house on Roches Road to keep them safe. His house was blue to match his police uniform and Lisa’s spots!

He left the cats in his house and went to work. But the humans came to capture Lisa and Blackie…