All Alone

Réalt na Mara GNS, Donacarney, 5th Class 21 June 2022

“Samuel! Stop asking me all these questions! It’s annoying,” Freddie the bulldog exclaimed.

“I just want to know what your past life was,” said Samuel.

Samuel and Freddie have been fighting all evening about this.

Freddie says,” you’re just a guinea pig! You don’t need to know all of this.”


All Alone

“I’m just a guinea pig? I thought I was your best friend,” cried Samuel,“I hope we can stop fighting and get over it.”

They got over it and went their separate ways.

As they were walking their separate ways, Samuel reminded him,”I was the one who found you alone. Don’t forget that.”

They walked apart from each other in the deep, dark alley way.

Samuel suddenly shouted,”watch out! There’s a car coming!”

But Freddie just kept walking and ignored him.

All Alone

The next second, the car stopped and a dark figure stepped out. Samuel came rushing down the alley way.

Freddie remembered that he was terrified of humans and he ran to Samuel for comfort.

As Freddie was running in fear, he could not see Samuel anywhere. When he looked behind him, he realized the unknown person was from animal control.

That was a year ago, and he’s been on his own ever since. He heard a knock on his door and wondered who it was...