The Adventures of Sammy McBones

The Adventures of Sammy McBones
Sammy McBones

Blessington Library, Ages 7-12, Fighting Words Wicklow, 22nd October 2022

One day Sammy McBones the Skeleton Detective went on a walk, hoping to see a minibeast, when he spotted a dog.

The dog started chasing him – he hated it when dogs chased him, mainly because he was made of bones…

Suddenly, Sammy’s best friend, Snow the Fox Púca, came along and scared the dog away.

“Oh, it’s getting dark, we better find shelter,” said Snow.

“Just five more minutes, I really want to see a minibeast,” Sammy was very eager.

The Adventures of Sammy McBones

On the way home, they walked past a spooky mansion that they had never seen before. The closer they got, they saw a note.

“Hey, what’s that?” asked Snow.

The note said:

There are minibeasts in here. If you want to see them, go and find them. There are creatures great and small, enter if you dare. But beware of the lava.


“I’m a bit nervous,” Snow said, he was feeling very scared.

“You’re being a scaredy-fox.”

When they entered, they saw the broken stairs, ghosts hiding behind curtains, they smelled rotten wood drifting in the air. The floorboards were so creaky, it almost sounded like they were screaming.

“Why are the windows broken?” Sammy asked. He was beginning to feel a bit frightened.

“Hey, look there’s a piece of cake sitting on that really old table, it’s half rotten,” said Snow.

“Oh my god, let’s eat it!”

The Adventures of Sammy McBones

As they moved towards the cake, Sammy stepped on a tile that triggered a creak.

“What’s that?” Snow’s fox face was pale.

“It’s an old house, don’t worry about it?”

Out of nowhere, they heard dogs barking, and Sammy tried to run out the door. But the doors were locked.

Just then, two doors lightly rattled open on both sides of them. They instantly grabbed onto each other in fear when they saw gleaming eyes…

The Adventures of Sammy McBones