The Wave

By Josh, Gorey Community School

It was just a normal day in Los Angeles, I was working all week, trying to pay off student debt, which I’m smothered in. I decided that it would be a nice break from the stress to go to the beach, since it was a sunny day out, but little did I know, that would be a big mistake….The tsunami edged closer to shore, the mass amount of water that has been sucked from the beach is enormous. People don’t realise until the massive wave starts hurdling it’s way towards the beach, everyone screaming and shouting, I can barely hear myself think. I rush towards the outer edge of the city right beside the beach and start to sprint up the stairs, hoping that I’m above the water level. 


I take a quick glance out the window and I am shocked when I see the wave just hitting the shore, swallowing up hundreds, if not thousands of people that sadly didn’t make it to the buildings. The impact of the wave shakes the building I’m in and the water starts to make its 

way up the stairs. I’m still running but the water catches up to me, just hitting my knees. I’m nearly fully soaked in cold, salty water. I manage to make it to the very top with a bunch of older people there, probably the ones who work in the office blocks here. We are all waving at the sky, hoping that a helicopter or something will help us, but no, there is not a single air carrier in the sky. 


The wave only makes it up to half of the building’s height thank god, but I know that’s not going to be the reason we may all die. Just as I thought, the building starts to shake, I look down the side of it and I see a massive crack going across the whole front of the building. I start to worry that this structure will start falling to pieces very soon if we don’t get rescued. The tsunami has swept through the entire city of Los Angeles, leaving no trace of life and all the infrastructure, destroyed.