A Trip to the City

A Trip to the City

By Niamh O, Coláiste Cholm, Cork, Written in Autumn 2020


ANN: Female, Main Character, 16, friendly and caring, first aid experience

JANE: Female, ANN’s friend, 17, loves shopping and Christmas 

CATHERINE: Female, ANN’s mother, 51, kind and caring 

DENNIS: Male, ANN’s father, 53, thoughtful 

MARY and DANIEL: Paramedics 

BARISTA: Works in Starbucks in shopping centre 

JERRY: Male, old college friend of DENNIS, 55, in danger of heart attack 

Scene is set in the city centre in the evening. 

JANE: I just love the buzz in town today. It’s so nice and festive isn’t it! 

ANN: I know, this time of year is so magical. Back to business though, how many gifts do we have left on the list? 

JANE: You have the list, not me! 

ANN: Oh yes, that’s right. Let me pop it out of my handbag now. Here we go, we have my Auntie Joan left, along with ourselves! 

JANE: Fab! Let’s go to Brown Thomas for your auntie and then maybe we can grab a hot chocolate! 

ANN: Ooh yes! 

Goes into Brown Thomas and purchases perfume. Emerges from the shop with a bag. 

JANE: Now, that’s her sorted. Why don’t we go to the shopping centre to go to Starbucks. 

ANN: Great idea. We can have a think about what shops we want to roam around for ourselves after. 

JANE: It’s so nice and crisp in the air this afternoon. I love walking around the city at this time of day. 

Arrives into the shopping centre after walking across the city. 

ANN: I know! Now, that hot air is nice when you step into the centre. 

JANE: It’s so busy, isn’t it? I’m ordering a mint hot chocolate. What about you? 

ANN: Yeah, same. It’s the best. (to BARISTA) Excuse me, can we get two mint hot chocolates for here please?

BARISTA: Perfect. That will be €5.70, please. 

JANE: I’ll get it today Ann, as a treat! 

BARISTA: Here ye go! 

JANE: Thank you and Happy Christmas! 


ANN: Thank you so much Jane, that is delish. Let’s sit down here.

JANE: So nice and warming! 

ANN: Oh look! My mum and dad are over there. 

JANE: I see them too! They must have nearly finished their shopping by now. 

ANN: Yeah, we’ll leave them be while we enjoy our hot chocolate, then we can call them. Beat 

JANE: Oh my god! Look over there. 

ANN: What?! 

JANE: A man has collapsed outside Easons! 

ANN: Oh my goodness! I must help. 

JANE: No! Don’t get involved. We should probably go now as an ambulance will need to get in here. 

ANN: Absolutely not! I can help. Do you remember that first aid course I did! Well, I will see you in a bit if you wait here for me. 

ANN rushes over to where the man has collapsed. 

JANE: Oh no! What am I supposed to do now? 

ANN: Can he breathe? 

BARISTA: I don’t know! I just saw him clutch his chest and fall back so I ran over. 

ANN: Let me check his pulse. Okay, I need to work fast. 

BARISTA: Is that CPR you are giving him? 

ANN: Yep, but it will only last a few minutes. I need you to call the ambulance. 

BARISTA: I’ll do that right away. (Leaves and arrives back shortly) 

BARISTA: I just called 999. There are two paramedics on their way while we wait for an ambulance. 

ANN: Great stuff. Thank you so much. 



ANN: That sounds like my mum. 

CATHERINE: There you are, my darling. Jane just called me. Can I do anything for you? ANN: No, it’s just a waiting game now. I think I have saved him from the worst. CATHERINE: Okay. I am going to ring your dad and ask him to come right back here. CATHERINE leaves to find DENNIS and paramedics soon arrive. 

DANIEL: We came as fast as we could. Myself and Mary are paramedics. ANN: Good stuff. Take a look at him. I think my CPR is starting to revive him. MARY: He is in a bad way but thankfully you were here.

DANIEL: Mary, can you get the defibrillator?

MARY: I have it here. 

DANIEL: Help me place it on him. 

ANN: Can I do anything for you?

DANIEL: Hold this down. 

MARY: I think it’s working!

DANIEL: I agree. We need another minute to know for sure. 

ANN: He is opening his eyes! 

MARY: Thank god. 

DANIEL: Slow it down, team. 

ANN: I think we can stop now. 

MARY: Yes I’ll turn it off now. 

JERRY: Ummp (grunts) 

ANN: That’s it. You’re alright. We’ll get you sorted in a minute. 


CATHERINE: We’re back. What has happened? 

ANN: Thankfully these paramedics came and he is starting to become conscious again. DENNIS: Oh wow. That is Jerry!

CATHERINE: Do you know him? 

DENNIS: He was in my year in college. I can’t believe it. I haven’t seen him all year. Will he be okay? 

DANIEL: Yes, all down to your daughter. 

MARY: You should be very proud. 

DENNIS: I certainly am. Jerry is such a lovely man. He was always the class joker. ANN: Well, this has certainly been no joke. I need to sit down. 

MARY: Of course, you must be shocked. 

ANN: I was never expecting this. 

CATHERINE: Come on love, let’s go and sit down with Jane. 

DANIEL: Do that and thank you for everything Ann. 

MARY: Yes, you have just saved a life. Not many people have that to claim. ANN: I know. Thank you and God bless. 

They go back to where JANE was sitting

JANE: I am beyond proud of you Ann. You are amazing. 

ANN: Thank you. Can you get me a glass of water please?

JANE: Certainly. 


DENNIS: The ambulance has just arrived so I am going to go with him if that’s alright. I know his family would be very grateful if there was a familiar face with him at this difficult time. It will probably be late the time his wife and children arrive into the hospital. 

CATHERINE: Yes, darling, that would be nice of you. 

DENNIS: I’ll give you a ring later with an update. 

CATHERINE: Do that. Everything will be all right now. 

ANN: Well, that was some twist to our festive shopping day!

JANE: I know! Thanks to your bravery that man will have a Christmas to spend with his family and friends. 

CATHERINE: I love you, Ann. You are the best girl in the world. 

ANN: Thanks, guys. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight!


End Scene