Nightmare Season

By Ailbhe, Gorey Community School

Silence lay steadily across the ocean floor, while above the world was burning. The facility stood in the sand, metres below the waves. It had been built as a bunker, with enough supplies to sustain any army for over a decade. 

Advanced technology and three submarine pods allowed its inhabitants to engage with the world above the water. Fay Connors shared the building with nine other researchers who her government had deemed necessary to survive Armageddon. 

Among them were Daniel Smith, a prodigy soldier from West Point, Eugene Krushner, a chemical engineer from Tokyo, Scout and Jem, the twin astrophysicists from Caltech, Alex Bishop, an electrical engineer, Neil Collins, the American astronaut, a marine biologist named Maya Stolle and two Special Operation soldiers under Daniel’s command. They never spoke, so Fay didn’t know their names, but Daniel called them Left and Right. Daniel was always joking like that. Fay herself was a geneticist from Italy. She’d been chosen to develop drugs to accelerate and control evolution development, to tweak Earth’s species to prevail through the apocalypse. As she stared through the window, she saw Daniel’s reflection in the glass.. 

“Where do you think we are?” she asked.

They wouldn’t tell the researchers where they were in case they tried to contact their families. 

“Maya says it’s somewhere near the Caribbean,” he replied, drawing in the condensation on the glass, as he spoke. “She thinks it’s too shallow to be the Caribbean sea though. It’s either the Gulf of Mexico or the Yucatan Channel,” he mocked in Maya’s high, sure-of-herself voice. Fay laughed. As silence began to settle, the jellyfish floated by the glass. Fay shot to her feet.

“Is that the one?” asked Daniel. 

“Yeah, The Thermos Jellyfish,” Fay replied, as she jogged to the stairs that led to a control platform. 

“Eugene put the net out yesterday. If I press this button, it’ll swing on the lever and close”, she said as she pressed the button. “Can you go and get Maya?” 

They all gathered in Fay’s lab to watch her work. She cut the fish from the net, spilling the orange creature onto the table. “His species has a genode that makes them resistant to intense temperatures,” she explained. The crew crowded around to have a better look…