By Evan, Coláiste Cholm, Cork, Written in Autumn 2020

Setting: Summer in Colombia in the 1980’s 




WILLIAM and SEBASTIAN are in Colombia for a short bit of time for work. 

JANE and MARY are on holiday.

MIGUEL and DIEGO are taxi drivers but are also involved in cocaine 

MARGO owns the house that JANE and MARY are staying in and is also the dealer MIGUEL and DIEGO buy their drugs from 


Scene One


WILLIAM and SEBASTIAN are at the airport in Bogota Colombia on July 17th 1984. 

WILLIAM: God, that was such a long flight from California. I am so tired. 

SEBASTIAN: Yeah, I know right? I just can’t wait to get to the hotel and sleep.

WILLIAM: Okay, so it’s currently 2.33pm and our taxi is supposed to be here at 2.45pm. 

SEBASTIAN: That’s perfect. Want to grab a quick coffee while we’re waiting?

WILLIAM: Yes, we all know how nice Colombian coffee is.


Elsewhere in the Arrivals Hall at the airport

MARY: Wow, that flight was long! I am so glad to finally be here though

JANE: Yeah, exactly! Our holiday starts now!  What time is it?

MARY:  It’s 2.33pm. Our taxi is supposed to pick us up at 2.45.

JANE:  Perfect, we have a bit of time to do a bit of window shopping. 

MARY: Yes, exactly.


At the taxi rank

DIEGO: I really don’t want to be here. I have so many better things to do 

MIGUEL: Oh really, DIEGO? Like what better things could you possibly be doing? And besides we have to pay off the drugs we bought.

DIEGO: Yeah you’re right. Anyway,  what time are your people supposed to be here? 

MIGUEL: 2.45. What about you? 

DIEGO: Same as me, so 

MIGUEL:  Are you worried Margo is planning on killing us? 

DIEGO:  What makes you think that?

MIGUEL: I mean, we haven’t paid her back in like two months and she has been known for killing other people.

DIEGO: Don’t worry, we’re going to be fine. We just need to make sure that we don’t cross paths with her any time soon.

MIGUEL: Okay, I believe you, but we have to work hard so we can pay her back as soon as possible. 

DIEGO: Deal.


WILLIAM, SEBASTIAN, MARY and JANE move toward the taxi rank.


WILLIAM: It’s 2.45. We better go to our taxi.



MARY: Its 2.45. We better go to our taxi.

JANE- Okay.


At the taxi rank. 


DIEGO: Hello ladies! I will be your taxi driver for today. Where can I take you? 


MARY: Um,  we are staying in a house owned by a woman named Margo. She lives just outside Bogota.


DIEGO:  Ah yes, I know exactly where to go.  Ye can get in the taxi and make yourselves comfortable.


MARY and JANE proceed to get in the taxi, which is a fairly run down old Opel Astra.


DIEGO (to MIGUEL in Spanish): Oh my god, what do I do now? They are staying in Margo’s house and we don’t have the money to pay for her drugs.

MIGUEL:  Just take them there and I will stop off at the petrol station near her house so you won’t be alone. 

DIEGO: Okay.

WILLIAM: Hi, you must be our taxi driver for today. 

MIGUEL:  Ah yes, hello! Where will I bring you? 


WILLIAM: We are staying in a hotel that’s very close to where those two ladies are staying.

MIGUEL: Ah yes I know the one. Hop in the taxi, so.

MIGUEL (in Spanish to DIEGO): They are going to the hotel next to Margo’s house.

DIEGO: Perfect. Drive behind me all the way and once you drop them off at the hotel drive with me to Margo’s house for protection.



MIGUEL drops WILLIAM and SEBASTIAN off at the hotel and makes his way over to Margo’s house. He eventually catches up to DIEGO’s car and is driving right behind. They drop the two women outside Margo’s house but Margo is expecting them.


MARGO:  What a wonderful surprise for me to see the two men that owe me all the money. I assume you have it with ye right now and are here to pay me. Is that correct? 

DIEGO: Well no, not exactly.

MIGUEL: We are working to gather enough money to pay you off.

MARGO: I have had enough of all this, it’s the same excuses all the time. I can tell that you are lying.

MIGUEL: No, Margo! I promise you we are not lying. We can pay you off soon, Margo. 

MARGO: No, this has gone too far.


MARGO proceeds to take out a gun and shoot MIGUEL five times in the head, killing him instantly.  She doesn’t kill DIEGO because she wants to be paid back. 


MARGO: You have five days to pay me back. if you don’t, I will murder you too.

DIEGO: Okay, I will try my best.


End Scene