Slave to the Tides

Smaointí san oíche

By Cody, Gorey Community School

Created from the earth, I was born from fire from deep within the planet. I have seen many events, I watched as creatures evolved, from microscopic beings to the creatures they have become today, I watched as the meteor impacted the surface of where I was born, killing most of the life I had watched evolve into existence. With each shockwave from mother’s pain I was pushed into the ocean, as I quickly descended to the deep, it was so dark, so quiet, I rested there for many decades, centuries and millennia. 

As I rested on the ocean floor peacefully I watched as many creatures evolved, some had adapted to the darkness, many had bioluminescence, like candles in what was the infinite abyss, I watched as creatures of unimaginable size soared through the water. Some had horrific appearances, eyes clouded with no emotion, teeth with an insatiable bloodlust, yet, they were all I had ever known, the pressure of the deep was immense and merciless.

Over time I began to see change, over decades I saw those creatures evolve or disappear, adapting to their environment, becoming more efficient at their purpose, and then I had thought, what is my purpose? 

Over many centuries I contemplated this, is there a reason I’m here? I know where I came from but, where am I supposed to go? I noticed over these years I had started to move through the sand, slowly, it was changing.

I kept moving, traveling the deep. Over time I became smaller, shaped and smoothened by the drift. I have lived for hundreds of millions of years, longer than any creature to ever exist, I was there when it all began, and I will be there when it all will end.

As I traveled, I began to see the sky, The deep abyss I once resided in was no longer in my sight. This place, there was less pressure, beautiful colors shined down from above, dancing on the ocean floor as it was warped by the meniscus of the ocean’s surface. As I was pushed slowly closer to the surface I began to fantasize of what I would see once I reached the surface of the water and escaped the oceans grasp, euphoric thoughts brought images of light, beautiful landscapes and my long desire for rest.

Finally escaping the ocean’s grasp, I slowly travel across the warm sands of the beach, the warm air slowly evaporates the water off of my skin. I had finally escaped, no longer a slave to the tides. As I rested on the warm dry sand I noticed a creature, it was different from what I had ever seen before, it was looking at me, no creature had ever looked at me before, it’s eyes displayed a beautiful color, glossed over by reflected light. The creature had quite the inquisitive expression. It began to extend part of its body towards me, I braced for what I believed was my demise, I could not move, I had no control.

 I was brought close to the creature’s face. As it looked at me, the black dots surrounded by hazel rings focused on me. After a moment of stasis, the creature’s grasp on me tightened, its appendage brought me far away from the creature. For the second of motionlessness, I scrambled to understand what was about to ensue, the appendage began to move, the creature had released its grasp. As I soared through the air, I looked back at the creature as I moved further away,  I felt the wet sensation of the ocean, as I plunged into the dark depths once again. I watched as the light faded away as I descended once again, into the abyss. I, a pebble, am once again a slave of the tides…