Recollection of a Life Worth Living

Eoin age 14 - Limerick

Down there runs a young lady

Smile like a diamond and eyes like a ruby

She runs faster than a man twice her age

Falls farther than a monk could turn a page

I was lucky enough to see her all the time

To me, her words turned water into wine

Never followed orders or acted the fool

We’d spend all our days mitching off school

She was the sunniest day and the darkest night

The palest snow and the brightest light

She was the prettiest rose anyone could ever see

And like a thorn, they took my rose away from me

One day she met a boy named Johnny Drew

With slick black hair and eyes so blue

Who this young lady fell for so soon and so fast

Around him, her present was history, her future was past

The colour of coal, the vastness of the sea

My life with this rose was never to be

Finally, they ran off into the night’s sky

Beginning life as they knew it, for any other seemed dry

This deep sea soon became the heaviest rain

Of the girl I knew in everything but name

I never truly sung her praises then as I do now

I never truly loved her, but I adored her somehow.