Police Chase

Police Chase

By Myles Guerin, Playwriting Summer Camp


Officer McQuaid (Police Officer) – American, 40, medium build, police badge and uniform, brown hair and green eyes, serious and quiet

Wolf (Bad Guy) – 45. Tattoos, big and strong, shaved the head, tough and mean

Matthew (Son of Officer McQuaid) – 12/13, tall and thin, black hair and green eyes, school uniform

Rick (Bad Guys Best friend) – 30. Very tall, basketball shorts and baseball hat, thick and stupid

Officer Kelly – late 20’s. Fit and strong, blonde hair and blue eyes, American, uniform with no badge. Joyful and joker



Scene 1

Setting- Downtown in Austin, Texas.

Officer McQuaid’s phone rings


Officer McQuaid: Hello, this is Officer McQuaid. Is everything alright?


Officer Kelly: Hey McQuaid, It’s Officer Kelly. I was stopping to get our morning doughnuts and coffee when I saw Wolf and his gang trying to rob a poor old lady. I’ve been tracking them and need you to come help.


Officer McQuaid: I’m just a short walk away. I’ll meet you outside the doughnut shop. Did you at least get the coffee?


Officer Kelly: We have bigger things to worry about. Just get here.

Officer McQuaid arrives on the scene and sees Wolf and his gang


Wolf: I see the police. I got arrested me a few months ago for trying to rob the bank by Officer McQuaid.


Rick: Yeah, you don’t wanna go back to jail. We’ll meet you back in the alley soon.

Officer McQuaid sees Wolf in the crowd


Officer McQuaid: I’ll get you! You made me miss my morning coffee and doughnuts!

Wolf: Not again you won’t, it’s payback time.

wolf runs away


Officer Kelly: I got your coffee but it’s half empty


Officer McQuaid: What happened to the other half?


Officer Kelly: I was running over to see you and I don’t know what happened to it, but I have the big stain on my uniform now


Officer McQuaid: Ugh. Just get in the car.


Scene 2

Wolf meets Rick in the alley by the old church


Wolf: Ugh Officer McQuaid makes me so mad. I know he’s after us. What are we going to do?


Rick: ah. The police can never get us. We have a better plan this time.


Wolf:  What do you mean we have a better plan this time? We have tried everything. I don’t know Rick, he’s my worst enemy. I’ve been trying to think of how to get him once and for all for ages.


Rick: Hold on, let me get a sandwich first. I cant think when I’m hungry.


Wolf: This is no time to eat, we only have so much time before they find us


Rick: Ugh you talk too much..I’ve got it! Let’s capture the police officers son. I found out his name is Matthew from Google. You can find anything on there.

takes a big bite out of sandwich


Wolf: That sounds pretty risky, but I know where he lives from being in jail the first time. We’ll have to go in the night. Some of the other prisoners told me he lives right downtown near the station.

Scene 3

back in Downtown Austin, TX at the Police Station near the mail room


Officer Kelly: Mail time! Look’s like there one for you McQuaid. Man, this morning was crazy. Still no sightings of Wolf and Rick.


Officer McQuaid(gasps) The note says, “Dear, Officer McQuaid. Rick and I are going to capture your son. By the time you read this, it may already be too late.”

Oh no! Where do you think Matthew could be? I can’t lose my son.


Officer Kelly: Alright, I will track where Wolf and his gang are. We can find him by wiring his phone. The device says he was last seen in an alley close to the old church. I’m sorry this is happening, we’ll find him as fast as we can.


Officer McQuaid: Those bad guys need to go to jail so they don’t harm anyone else’s family.

Officers race to the police car


Scene 4

back at the old church alleyway


Officer McQuaid: Didn’t the tracker say they would be here? C’mon Kelly, this is my son’s life we’re talking about.  We need to go back downtown because Wolf and his gang aren’t here.


Officer Kelly: The tracker was wrong, it wasn’t my fault! Please don’t report me, I need this job.


Officer McQuaid: Whatever Kelly, get in the car!


back at the police station


Officer Kelly: I’m going inside the station to track Wolf again. I promise I won’t mess up this time. Could you grab me some coffee since I didn’t have any this morning?


Officer McQuaid: Yea, just be quick.


-A few minutes pass-


Officer Kelly: McQuaid get in here!

Officer McQuaid rushes in the room with coffee and a doughnut for him


Officer Kelly: Wolf is at your house. I think he has your family. I guess this is what the letter meant.


Officer McQuaid: We have to catch him now!


Officer Kelly: Let’s hop in the car and go.


they get back in the police car and arrive at the house


Officer McQuaid: Call back up now! The door is kicked open and it’s dark inside

meanwhile in the house Wolf and Rick is with Officer McQuaid’s wife, daughter, and son


Wolf: Stay quiet, you’ll get out of here, but not your son. I’m going to lock you in the basement and you better stay quiet or else. This is all your dad’s fault for not minding you. He’s finally getting what he deserves


Rick: Hey Wolf when you’re done with them I could use some help tieing up the boy. I think I heard sirens outside!


Wolf: Yeah that’s the police! Not this again

mom and sister scream


-Back in the kitchen, Rick and Wolf, have Matthew tied up and Officer McQuaid and Kelly rush into the kitchen-

Officer McQuaid: Give me my son now! You and your little friend are going to jail


Wolf: He’s tied up and can’t get out. This is payback for arresting me.


Officer Kelly: I’m going to get you, Rick! Don’t mess with my officer’s family!


Officer Kelly lunges at Rick and punches him in the face and he passes out


Officer Kelly: I got Wolf’s friend now go get Matthew


Officer McQuaid runs towards his son


Matthew: Ahhhh, help me!


Wolf: Be quiet!


Officer McQuaid: I’m coming to save you, Matthew, everything will be alright! I just have to get his weapon first! Wolf, give up and give me my son back. You won’t win this!


Officer McQuaid kicks the gun out of the way so Wolf can’t pick it up again


Officer Kelly: I arrested Rick and you got Wolf so back up should be here soon to take them to jail.


Matthew: Dad, you need to unlock the basement and free Mom and my sister


Officer McQuaid: yelling to his wife I’m coming, everything is under control and Matthew is safe


Officer McQuaid unlocks the door and hugs his family as back up arrives


Scene 5

Back up arrives and Wolf and Rick are about to be put in the police car outside McQuaid’s house


Officer Kelly: Where’s the rest of your gang, Wolf? We know they can’t be far


Wolf: I’ll never tell you where they’re hiding. I don’t want them to go to jail.


Officer Kelly: I’m going to ask one more time. Where did you put the gang before you captured Officer McQuaid’s son?


Rick: We have to tell him, Wolf! We’ve been caught. I thought we would get away with it but we didn’t.


Rick looks at the police


Rick: They’re going to raid the bank as we speak.


Officer McQuaid: I’m going to call back up to go there right now


McQuaid and Kelly rush to the bank with Wolf and Rick in the back of the police car


Setting: outside the bank in Downtown Austin, Texas


Officer McQuaid: Go into the bank and get those criminals! They can’t get away with this again

all the criminals are captured and taken to jail


Rick: (to other prisoners) How did you get into the bank?


Wolf: They planned it while we were after Officer McQuaid’s son and now we’re all in jail


Officer McQuaid: This what you get for all your crimes. You’ll be in jail for life for this. McQuaid looks to Officer Kelly


Officer Kelly: You can use the tracker to see if there are more criminals and we’ll go capture them


Officer McQuaid: I’ll see if they come up on the tracker then we can take off. We make a pretty good team Kelly, both of our familys are safe. Now let’s go make the city safer.


Officer Kelly: Yeah, that sounds great. Just I never had my lunch so can we grab a subway on the way?


Officer McQuaid: Jesus Kelly.


Officer Kelly: What?


End Scene.