Old Woods

Unnatural Divide

By Conor L, Coláiste Cholm, Cork, Written in Autumn 2020

MOTHER:  Chase,  get ready quickly! I’m dropping you to your Uncle John’s! 

CHASE: (Rushing down the stairs and grabbing his bags) Will my cousin Sam be there? 

MOTHER: He should be, but John says he doesn’t see him around much anymore. 

CHASE:  I hope he isn’t. The last time I was there he stole all the money I had left in my sock. 

MOTHER:  Oh Chase, stop with the nonsense and get into the car! 


MOTHER and CHASE get into the car and start driving to UNCLE JOHN’s house.  On their way, they see flashing lights ahead of them on the road. 


MOTHER: What could that be? Bit strange to have cops out this far on the road. 

CHASE:  There’s obviously been an accident. Why else would they be there?


They approach the lights and begin to slow down to talk to the officer. Chase senses something isn’t right. 


MOTHER:  Everything all right, Officer? Has there been an accident? 


COP:  Indeed, ma’am, there’s been an accident a few miles up. You’ll have to take a diversion through Old Woods.

CHASE: (gulps) Old Woods!


COP: (grinning at CHASE) Oh, don’t tell me you believe all that nonsense, young boy.


MOTHER: Enough. Chase, grow up! Thank you, Officer.  We will take the diversion right away. 


CHASE sinks back into his seat. They take the diversion into the dark deep woods with a narrow road.


End Scene