Moving Town

The House

By Chloe, Sancta Maria College, Mayo

It was a sunny morning in St. Louis Town, with me and my younger brother headed into town to the local go-karting place. There were a number of people queuing to go go-karting because it was summer. When we finally got to the front door, my little brother was tired and bored at this stage, so I told him, “We’re nearly there.” 

We got to the top of the queue. So, it was 15 dollars for the both of us. Then we got our key for the cart and helmets. My little brother was excited at this stage.

It was time to have a race, and my phone started to ring. It was my dad and mam. They said they were leaving town and said we were going to Chicago. I was upset because we had just settled into the town. I wasn’t ready to move town so quickly, as we were only here for a couple of days.