Most Wanted

Most Wanted

By Aaron O, Coláiste Cholm, Cork, Written in Autumn 2020

The scene is set in the fictional town of Oradora, in Puerto Rico. PABLO, our main character, has just got a call from his best friend JAHUL that the immigration police have discovered their location. Having a bad history with one of the officers on the force, MAJOR GOMEZ, PABLO knows he will have to put up a fight. 

PABLO and JAHUL decide to set up their weaponry at the local church with the help of the local nun, Sister HAZEL. As the three are set up in position, sweat pours down into PABLO’s eyes. 

*Jahul offers Pablo a handkerchief* 

JAHULl: You look like you could use this. 

PABLO: *sighs* Thanks. How did they find us? We removed our tracks perfectly and yet they still found us! 

JAHUL: I don’t know, man. All I know is that they mean business this time. After all, we are on their most wanted list. 

PABLO: I guess. But I still don’t know what they want. I’ve given them money, blood, work hours, everything! And yet they’re still on my burra. I give up. If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get! 

JAHUL: Agreed! 

*Enter SISTER HAZEL, struggling carrying her rifle

SISTER HAZEL: Any signs of them yet? 

PABLO: Nope. Nothing yet. Surprisingly, they’re not being aggressive. 

*As soon as Pablo finishes speaking, the church windows burst open and men with light machine guns fly onto the altar. An intense gunfight commences.

PABLO: (screaming to be heard over the gunfire) I think they want us dead this time! JAHUL: Me too! What are we gonna do? 

PABLO: Just keep shooting! They’ll run out of ammo eventually! 

*After five minutes of constant gun fire, officers of the IMMIGRATION POLICE push forward. PABLO, JAHUL and SISTER HAZEL have nearly run out of ammunition. They have to surrender.*


MAJOR GOMEZ: (gun pointed at PABLO’S head) Well, Pablo? Any last words, my friend? PABLO: Well, I don’t. Jahul, Hazél?  You got anything to say? 

JAHUL: Nope! Nothing on my mind! 

SISTER HAZEL: No! Everything ‘s buena, senõr! 

MAJOR GOMEZ: You all seem quite happy having a gun to your heads! 

*Suddenly, Pablo’s wife MARIA busts down the church’s doors with a shotgun in each hand and a lit cigarette in her mouth.* 

MARIA: Well, we meet again, Gomez! 

MAJOR GOMEZ: So it seems. What brings you here? 

MARIA: Well, you do have my husband at gunpoint, so I’d say you could understand why I’m here. 

MAJOR GOMEZ: (shouting) They killed most of my men! Why shouldn’t I blow his brains out right now? 

MARIA: Well, the way I see it, you have my husband at gunpoint. 

MAJOR GOMEZ: Yes, your point? 

*MARIA swiftly points her barrel at GOMEZ’s  temple* 

MARIA: And I have you at gunpoint, which I believe means – and  please tell me if I’m wrong – if you kill him, then I kill you, yes? 

GOMEZ: That would make sense, yes. 

MARIA: Put the gun down. You’ve lost, yet again. 

*Gomez is resistant at first, but slowly lowers his weapon from pablos head. He has been defeated. *

MARIA:  Now get out of here! I never want to see your face ever again here at the sacred town of Oradora!


*Gomez flees back to his SWAT van and drives off back to base, swearing to himself as he drives away* 

Scene Ends