Missing Mother

My Point Of View

By Lucy, Gorey Community School

It all started to go wrong at breakfast, when I was eating my cornflakes, like always. I looked up at the clock and noticed that I was about to miss my bus. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. As soon as it shut the bus was already driving away. I knew at that very moment my mother was going to kill me. 

I dragged my feet and my bag back into the house and put my head down, walking into her room as she was sleeping peacefully, and I was about to disrupt that. I started blabbing out what had just happened, to get no response which was strange because that never happened with my mother. Suzi was a very vocal person.

I went to poke her to wake her up but my hand went through. There was a pillow under the duvet in the shape of my mother. Where on earth was she and why does she think she is a teenager using the pillow method to sneak out? I texted and called her but no answer. Looking through her room, her phone was off under her pillow, which was odd of her to leave without a phone or to even tell me she was leaving. I started to worry where she had gone? Was she ok? Do I ring the guards? So many questions went through my head. My heart sunk. What if she was hurt? What do I do?

 I rang my school to tell them I wasn’t going to be in, then I rang the guards and told them that I didn’t know where my mother was. They told me to stay calm and someone was on their way to my house. I heard sirens approaching my house. It sounded like more than one. People began to look out to find out what was happening. My nosy neighbour Nancy had to come over, she couldn’t stay away.

“You alright darling,” her opening line was the same as always.

“Yes,” I said and an officer escorted her off my lawn. Thank you, I thought. I went to sit in one of the police cars so everyone would stop staring. I began to feel mortified at this stage. They ended up tracking her last credit card to a liquor store. My mother never drank. She hated alcohol. She said it was worse than the devil’s lettuce but that she had sometimes. They went to the store where they said she last bought something, but they saw the security cameras. It wasn’t her, it was some old man but this man looked very familiar to me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I fell asleep in the back of the car and woke in a fright. The policeman said they found my father, but my mother and father never got on. He was creepy, so my mother says that he always followed her but it hasn’t happened in years. I don’t know why they want me near him. He came to the police station where I met him. He was the man on the security camera, what has he done with my mother? This time I think he finally got his revenge for her taking me far far away from him and his family.