The Hotel Room

To forgive a friend

By James, Gorey Community School

Nathan woke up at exactly 08:00am as per usual, he put on the same turtleneck and black pants and then he went into his kitchen and had the same bacon and eggs sandwich as he had done for the past ten years. Nathan was a man of habit, and he stuck to his habits religiously. After finishing his morning routine, he started to get ready for work. First, he went into his room and opened the back wall by way of a little hook by the bookcase. Then he went over all of his equipment that he was going to use later today, except for his knitting stuff, which could be checked at a later date when he was on holiday. Apparently there was a high priority target that had been assigned to him, just another target he thought to himself. He had done this thousands of times and every time it had gone perfectly. This would be no different.   

Climbing the last few rungs of the ladder, Nathan brought himself onto the roof of the hotel. As he set up his repellent equipment he surveyed the area, the layout of the guards, the cameras, their blind spots and most importantly the escape routes, money isn’t much use if you’re not around to spend it. Finally he was ready. He took his place at the edge of the roof and jumped off. Coming to a halt against the tempered glass a few metres down he pushed off again. He kept on slowly making his way down until he reached the room of his target, on the 57th floor. He took out his glass cutters and made a small Nathan sized hole in the window of the bedroom.

There was the target, five metres ahead of him. He climbed in and dropped to his hands and knees and waited a few moments for a reaction. When there wasn’t any, he advanced slowly toward the target and placed his pistol against the target’s head. Suddenly the target’s eyes sprung open and Nathan froze. He had never seen eyes like that before. He was sure that they were human but something about them paralysed him with fear, but then a hand came up to his cheek and the target said something in a language Nathan did not know. In his mind, he heard one word, “peace”, and he collapsed peacefully to the floor, perfectly at peace forever.