Evilanne's Problem

Evilanne's Problem

St Mary's National School, Fairview, 4th Class, 23rd March 2009

A long time ago there was a mean wizard called Evilanne.  Evilanne wanted to take over the world.  She didn’t like people, not even a little bit.

Evilanne’s best friend was Mr McCookin.  He lived right beside her in a cottage out in the woods, next to the tree house where Evilanne lived.

One breezy day, Evilanne’s tree house fell out of the tree. The tree house had fallen on to Mr McCookin’s house. A nearby lumberjack heard the crash and came to help.  Evilanne got such a fright that she turned the lumberjack into a frog with two little blonde ponytails.

Only half of Mr McCookin’s house was damaged.  So Evilanne asked if she could move in with him.

Evilanne's Problem

“No, you’ve already done enough damage!” said Mr McCookin.

“Well, where am I supposed to live now?” asked Evilanne.

“That’s your own problem.  Look for a new tree,” he said,  “and look for a new friend as well.”

Evilanne felt sad and lonely.  She was also very wet because it was raining.  Evilanne exclaimed to Mr McCookin, “I don’t need you!  I’m going to rule the world!”

Evilanne found some twigs and started drawing up her plans for taking over the world on the ground.

She decided to plead to the king and queen and ask if she could live with them in their castle.  Evilanne thought to herself that she could get rid of the queen while the king was away.

She knew that she would have to get over her fear of people.  Evilanne found a broken piece of mirror on the ground and started to talk to herself, so she could practice talking to people.  That way, she would not be afraid...