Unnatural Divide

By Maksym, Cork E.T.S.S

Max Dresker dipped his head lower under the small windscreen. The roar of the engine was closing in. It would be great to have his glasses now…

After stealing his boss’s favourite ring, he could not afford to make one wrong turn or the cars would catch up with him. Getting out of the country by plane was his best option and his biggest chance of survival. 

“C’mon, let’s go,” screamed Max to his bike, as if trying to get the bike to go faster. 

He didn’t care if the bike was at its max already. He needed to go faster. Max stomped on the foot rest, as if spanking a horse, trying to go faster. All of a sudden, Max noticed the yellow light pop up on the screen. 

“Oh no, not now!” shouted Max. 

He forgot to fuel up the bike before escaping. Max started looking for an idea but had nothing. Then, in the distance, he saw two disjointed cliffs and a ramp. The ramp barely held up, but he had to try. He found how he’d escape. 

Max pressed on the pedal, trying to get all the last juices from this two-wheeled rustfest. As he hopped on the bridge, he heard all the previous planks snap in half behind him, leaving him no return. 

He jumped off the bike on the other cliff, stumbling and rolling down as his bike dropped all the way down. The cars that were chasing him came to a sudden halt, realising what Max had done.

 Max had long gone and was looking for a nearby airport.