The End of Days

The End of Days

By Leah Walsh

Earth became so unrecognisable that to Killian, it felt like an alien planet. The green perished from the grass, a dead brown colour taking its place. The trees gave up its dance, if lucky withering in peace, only if the fire didn’t claim it yet.


     It was the end of days and Killian would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared, he was terrified. It would go against human nature not to be afraid of the unknown. Killian wanted to escape fear but it always crept up on him when he least expected it.


     He smoothly ran his hand through the grains of sand, making random shapes and symbols. However, his eyes weren’t focused on that, he was more interested in the sight of a city in ruins in the distance. It was approximately a couple of kilometres but it was close enough for him to make some things out.


     Some buildings rested on others while the rest stood tall but fragile. He diverted his line of sight back to the sand, tired of straining his eyes.


     His skin was clammy, it was something that he learned to accept, not paying attention to it anymore. The constant stench of rotting fish made Killian consider the source of it, was himself.


     Killian didn’t know how long it has been since his last human interaction. He guessed it was either a couple of months or years. He didn’t mind though, he was afraid of getting close to anybody.


     When he was younger, he thought his last days would be filled with happy moments between family members. He recently made his peace with dying alone.


     He thought the sight in front of him was terrifying. Humans fell and so did it’s creations. It was just unlucky that they had to bring the Earth with them. Humans create but they also destory.


     Killian inhaled, the air was no longer fresh but he still appreciated it. He closed his eyes, knowing the end of days, was nearing it’s conclusion.