The Bride and the Aliens

A Teenager’s Life

By Anastasia, Sancta Maria College, Mayo

The Bride

I was sitting beside my now husband, when all of a sudden this massive UFO landed on the reception. I thought it was a prank at first, but I soon realised that it wasn’t when I saw the look on my husband’s face. The door of the spaceship opened out and three unusually large, green aliens walked out onto the grass. Everyone started to panic. They had never seen anything like it. One of the aliens tried to touch me but I ran like an Olympic runner to our car. I had to ditch my shoes (but I’m so lucky I didn’t die or get abducted.) Everyone was able to get away which was great.

The Alien(s)

We were sent by our leader in Jupiter to finally make peace with the humans on Earth. The other two beings, Mort and Meep, thought that they would act how they always do and be scared of us, but I had a feeling they would accept us this time. We found an area with about 200 people, so we decided to land there. We walked onto the grass and the humans seemed to be quite peaceful at the start. I reached out to this beautiful woman with a flowy white dress but she ran away before I could get close to her, as did all the other humans. I guess they haven’t changed.