An Airport Disaster

An Airport Disaster

By Abby O, Coláiste Cholm, Cork, Written in Autumn 2020

DAVID: (on the phone) Hi Mum, how are you doing? I have a little surprise for you and the rest of the family.

FIONA: (on the other end of the phone) David, I’m doing great. How about you? I’m so excited for Christmas time and to spend time with the family. It’s just a pity that you can’t be here. Hopefully we will get to see you some time after. We are all missing you so much. Anyway, I’ll stop. Go on, what’s the surprise for us?

DAVID: I was going just going to tell you that I have book—

FIONA: Oh my god, are you joking? You have booked a flight home for Christmas, haven’t you?

DAVID: Yes, you got it before I even finished my sentence. I will be home tomorrow. I am on my way to the airport but I have to take more than one flight. I am so excited to see you all of you guys.

FIONA: We can’t wait to see you!

A few hours later. DAVID is at the airport.

DAVID: (on the phone) I am absolutely devastated. My first flight has been cancelled. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it back.

FIONA: Oh, no way, you are joking! What is happening over there?

DAVID: Hopefully I can get another flight. The people here aren’t that helpful. I’ll keep you updated. I have to go.

FIONA: Okay, talk later.

A few hours later

FIONA (on the phone): Have you found another flight?

DAVID: No, every flight is booked because of Christmas. I’m trying to find another flight, but no one is being helpful. 

FIONA: I’m going to try to look for you online. We really want you home! This is not fair.

DAVID: Okay. Hopefully, you might find something. I was so looking forward to coming home.

FIONA: You’ll get home, don’t worry.

DAVID: The airport is so busy. I’m going to leave you and go try to find something.

DAVID ends the call.

AIRLINE DESK CLERK: Hi, how are things? I’m just wondering if you were the guy looking for a flight home because your other flight was cancelled?

DAVID: Yes, that’s me! Please tell me it’s good news. 

AIRLINE DESK CLERK: Don’t worry, it is good news! We have just had a cancellation on a flight. There is a seat available for you.

DAVID: That’s the best news! What time is it taking off?

AIRLINE DESK CLERK: The bad thing is that it’s not departing until Saturday morning. Is that okay for you?

DAVID: Oh okay. I was hoping that I would be home for tomorrow but I guess Saturday will do.

AIRLINE DESK CLERK: I will book you in now.

DAVID is on the phone.

DAVID: I got a flight! Finally, I am coming home.

FIONA: Such a relief, it’s the best news. Can’t wait to see you tomorr—

DAVID: No, unfortunately I won’t be back for tomorrow. The flight is for Saturday morning and it’s a very long flight so I won’t be back until Saturday night/Sunday morning.

FIONA: Oh, that’s such a pity, you’re going to miss the Christmas party.

DAVID: I know, but at least I’m getting home. I lost all hope for a while.


End Scene