Primary School Workshops

Bookings for 2021-2022 are now open! Please note that due to demand, workshops are allocated by lottery in the spring of each year for the following academic year. 

On weekday mornings from September to June, starting at 10.00 am to about 12.00 noon, a primary school class (1st – 6th class) visits the Fighting Words locations to write a story. During Covid-19 restrictions period, Fighting Words workshops are taking place online.

Working together, with the help of our volunteer tutors, the children write an original story which they see being typed up onto a big projection screen as it is being written. 

The children decide on the characters and plot and go through the story together sentence by sentence, editing as they go.  A volunteer artist is also on hand to provide illustrations. 

The class writes the first part of the story together as a group, then each child has the opportunity to write their own individual ending to the story, with the assistance and encouragement of our volunteer tutors.
The story and illustrations are bound, and each child receives a copy of the book to take home.  Each book is personalised with a photo of the student on the back cover (the About the Author page).

For further information, or to join our schools mailing list (with your name, school name and contact email and phone number), please contact Mark Davidson.