Primary School Bookings 2023/2024

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Fighting Words Dublin
Dublin 1: The very first Fighting Words centre, located right by Croke Park, is readily accessible by a range of public transport. Unfortunately, there is only limited parking available in the surrounding area. 

Fighting Words Wicklow
Workshops are mainly held in Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray. It is accessible by public transport. There is limited parking at the venue. We also partner with libraries across Wicklow to cater for schools further away from Bray. The Wicklow coordinator will work with your school to match you with a suitable location should your application for a workshop be successful.

Fighting Words Kildare
Workshops are mainly held in Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge. With the increasing interest from Kildare schools, Riverbank has limited spots available. To ensure we continue our engagement with schools, we can organise a team to visit your school to deliver workshops. The Kildare Coordinators will work with your school to organise workshop delivery should your application for a workshop be successful.

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Fighting Words will always try to accomodate a full stream from a school. If you have more than one class group per stream, please indicate how many workshops would be required to accomodate all of them (all the fifth classes in your school, for example). We can accomodate thirty students per workshop.
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