Time is rotting from the inside out

Every day feels like World War 33

I want to paint the dark skies blue.

Can we have a comedy?


Walking on a gray river I saw that

The ocean was silken chartreuse

Waves of satin did mystify

Is dreaming of any use?

Oak ships sailing peacefully still

Their branches held the mast

I was spying on the luff and battens

When Captain Chiffchaff began his blast.

“There are wars on all fronts

And it’s all because of you!”


Captain Warbler, at his helm,

Thought, “This isn’t true.

Where is the solace

When staring down a lie?”

He rolled his eyes

Looking at the blue sky.


A mermaid wept,

“I feel his dismay.”

This was not the first time

Chiffchaff acted this way.

“What can I do

To distract the war zone?

I’ll expose my petals

and get him alone!”


But it was too late.

Warbler was not shy.

“Only the ones you create,”

He casually replied.

“Maybe it’s better for YOU to stay inside!

YOU should evolve!

AND don’t even ask why!"


Chiffchaff was sarcastic.

“You’re right. I did it all.

I sold the tickets

And let the pirates stand tall.

Pruning and chopping…away with it all!”



Seized my diptych dial and my rake

Laughing at the crowd:

The birds and the flowers

That bickered out loud.

By Heidi Sicurella

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