This Wild Waterfall - Margaret M.

Unbridled flight, like a herd of wild horses,

Power unleashed in a thunderous sound,

The primeval roar of ecstatic nature

As Powerscourt Waterfall leaps to the ground.


Swathed in mists, this mountainous majesty,

Radiant rainbows brighten the brume,

Small copper drops dent brown boggy water,

Below diamond diffusions that dance in the flume.


Sun spilling down from clouds brimming over

Gilding dark stone with a dazzling glow

Amid purple heather and bright yellow gorse,

Clinging high on the rockface as well as below.


There is an innocent truth in this spectacle

Where torrents cascade with implacable might,

Flooding the senses so nothing is left

But this perfect and pure and phenomenal sight.


Mists come to life in the soft mountain breezes

They surge and they swirl and their movements recall

Ancestors who danced with a wonderous abandon

Soaked in the song of this wild waterfall.


Close to the corrie there is enchantment

Where I get to leave many sorrows behind,

My spirit soars to be one with the waterfall

That holds and enfolds it and gentles my mind.

By Margaret McCarthy

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