Where you belong

In Ireland’s eastern province

God’s good providence can be found.

And as Mother Nature relumes,

This Heaven on Earth magically blooms.

On Powerscourt land

The Pepperpot Tower stands.

Cannons and crenels

Protect and command.

Cooled by Stone

The water falls.

Gushing and whispering

Singing and sighing

History and mystery.

Ancient tall trees

Boughs and branches

Like hands in blessings

Bestow a colourless world

With a dressing.

Verdant and fruitful

This whirling kaleidoscope of bursting colours

Is tendered today, by the ancestors

Of their front runners.

Their deeds are no chore,

As their forefathers bore,

The Sugarloaf skyline

Had been their time line.

All is well.

Handsome and strong

Everyone is made welcome.

It’s where you belong.

By Patrick Kavanagh

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