The Seven Wonders of Powerscourt

Powerscourt is a home to lots of nice places,

Where there are statues with ancient faces.

The wonderful building is noble and good,

There's an Avoca shop full of presents and food.


There are many gardens of beautiful roses,

Where bees are dancing in different poses.

Everyone here loves watching the bees,

Collecting nectar from flowers on trees.


There is a nice pond called the Triton Lake,

With lilies that look like decorations on a cake.

The Japanese Gardens are planted with blossom, 

In spring these look outstanding and awesome.


Quite further there is a high strong waterfall,

With cedars and pines in front standing tall.

The stream of the water that comes from a hill

 Is making the river underneath always fill.

By: Oleksii, Age 8 Dublin

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