I look at you stand beneath the waterfall so tall handsome and strong as a man can be

The comparison of nature shows how small and insignificant are we

Prisms of light shining through …rainbow drops of rainwater

Morning Dew

Flowers of magnificence, colours that take my breath away

Smiling toward the sun in adoration come what may

They see what we do not

The beauty of life entrenched in our lot

Scent of coniferous

Vibration of love and joy

How blessed are we to glimpse such glorious wonder

To smell to feel to touch to see

These wondrous gifts

How can it be

We are One with nature if only we reconnect

With the total beauty love and vibration

Of the Universe we beget

Because we are one

Have and always will be

Powerscourt in its magnificent beauty

Offers that gift to you and me

In this world today

We are blessed to have this oasis

To embrace and treasure

To keep the wonderful magical fairylands

Alive in our hearts forever

By Joan O Neill

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