Powerscourt Waterfall (Where Glistening Waters flow)

As the tumbling waters flow

My love for Powerscourt grows

Peace and tranquility are abound

In these beautiful surrounds

There is great beauty to behold

There to be enjoyed by young and old

I could linger there all day long

Listening to the waterfall song

Who painted this giant canvas with such care?

There for one and all to share

It fills the senses with sight and sound

I feel so uplifted my feet hardly touch the ground

I have kept  that picture in my mind

It’s always there for me to find

In days when I am feeling low

I close my eyes and hear the waters flow

The glistening waters soothes the soul

Once again, I am feeling whole

It calms the mind and softens the heart

Such a wonderful piece of eternal art.

By: Joan, Age 61, County Cork

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