Powerscourt - Catherine K.


Another day I will return

One day is not enough

Nor two, nor three

For this place wraps its arms around me

This place, its ferns, its flowers, its fauna


All the elements of nature are here

All the best of creation is near

All the verdant green shines


I breathe and smile

I stroll and pause

I wait and wonder

For this place fills my mournful hunger

This place, its trees, its thorns, its topiary


All the promises of life are here

All the escape from doubt or fear

All the wide lushness chimes



I note the busy ants

I see the dew on buds

I catch the bees at work

For this place feeds the feeble senses

This place rests my rapid beating heart


All the reasons to laud are here

All the life we may hold dear

All the earth’s natural lines


Another day I will return,

One day is not enough

Nor two, nor three

By Catherine Kavanagh

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