Powerscourt - Androniki H.

Dawn awakens serenely

Morning mists that had gathered

Now disappear

Sweet scents fill the air

And fill the heart

We are privileged to walk

These pathways with you my friends

From such pathways heavenly sights beckon

Peonies heavy and pink

Poppies red as flame

Sweet scented sweet peas

Prairie daisies that delight

Such sights

All so adorably kissable

Our little children are giddy

They make their own fun

Androniki Francesca with David

Regroup and cuddle in the sun

Our trusted Winged Horses

Selene and Celeste

Resume their haughty perch

And guard so regally

The golden palace on the bottom of

Triton's lake

Mother Nature does

What Mother Nature will do

Give give give give give

By Androniki Harris

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