A Picture of You

Before having you, this place talked me about you, my Allegra.

This place designed for me your precious face before I could see it.

I could feel from those infinite colours your energy, like you were there.

I could smell the perfume of your delicate skin through the lavender flower beds that filled my eyes, even

before holding you in my arms

There are beautiful peonies, like your lips close ed open in front of the world, like the words that you are

learning: when the word “mom” gets stuck on your mouth and comes out in the long and sweet embrace in

which we hold each other, like the Anthemis close and close to each other.

I could recognize your personality before I even saw your eyes, thanks to the poppies: delicate and proud,

red like a spontaneous and innate love, deeply and untamed, and red like my heart that beats only for you.

I saw the miracle of my baby girl through the uncertain and domineering colored Dahlia.

I imagined you in Powerscourt and you are my garden Allegra, and Powerscourt is a picture of you.

By Roberta Passa

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