Nature Walk

Tuck your phone in for a nap and wake

among wildflowers – goat’s beard,

cottongrass, milkwort, bittersweet –


the path counselling you like love

through the mind’s forest, its inclinations

and pitfalls giving over to the nattily


dressed goldfinch picking at thistle seed

in the undergrowth, uncaged as you are now

in the fresh air licking history, tousling


the leaves of alder, your elder where

it crouches shot with light, infused

with sound and touch, elevating


memory as female catkins play with

eternity, a corner flowering with winged

horses and pepperpot towers, private


ciphers winnowing into sitka deer and

movie sets, water gushing as you go in

over your head beyond the silence

of expectation where touchstone

lurks in caterpillar and butterfly,

root and stem, bole and blossom.

By: Kevin, Dublin

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