Nature by Colours

The flowers are blooming.

Their colours are magic.

They dance in the wind.

They smile in the sun.

Flowers are powerful

Full of love .

Full of hope.

Full of courage.

Red and pink and blue and yellows.

Colours all year round.

Trees will wave

Trees will differ.

Some will have large branches

Some will have small branches

Tree will carry hope.

Hug a tree today.

Without nature we have nothing

Nature is all around us.

Look around today

Stop and look

What do you see?

A world full of beautiful flowers.

Each will be different

Each carries its own style.

Each is precious.

Each is  priceless

Each will grow day by day.

Without nature life would be dull.

Nature is precious to each one of us.

We need to water the plants.

Cut the bad leaves off.

Smile and nature will smile back at us.

We need to keep nature alive

We need to show our love for flowers and trees.

Three cheers for nature

Hip hip a Ray.

Hip hip a Ray.

Hip hip a Ray.

When we walk, look and smile at flowers and trees.

Be kind to nature at all times.

By: Ellen, Age 56, Wicklow

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