The fields of our country I love to roam,

A part of our nation so close to home.

Walking through the park, with a gentle breeze blowing in my face,

It’s such a lovely feeling that can never be replaced.

As I pass all the big and beautiful trees,

While listening to the sound of birds and the buzz of bees.

As I approach the flower gardens, doesn’t it always look the part?

A big part of nature that I hold so close to my heart.

Flowers, nature’s most beautiful blessing,

To say I disliked the look of them, I’d really be messing.

From a sunflower to the rose,

The nicest smell of them all, inhaled through my nose.

For roses are red and violets are blue,

What would it be like on earth without nature like you?

The sun shining down on me hot as hell,

How many degrees it is, I’m finding it hard to tell.

The swans swimming in the lake, ready to spread their wings,

They are the most beautiful creatures that life brings.

Nature in Ireland, isn’t it just the best?

To have such amazing scenery in our nation, we are blessed.

By: Cian, Age 22, Dublin

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