The nature of nature, the nature of love, the nature of difference, the nature of the stars above.

Its nature that provides, its nature that nourishes,

In nature we find peace, from nature we lose sleep, our differences of nature can divide and lose us sleep.

An acceptance of nature can grow beyond belief.

If nature is let grow in nature’s own way, it will be nature that can show us, that it might be our own nature that might be the wrong way.

A nature that is shown care, and a nature that is shown love, is a nature you can be drawn to, for that is the nature of love.

A nature that knows hate, a nature that knows rage, is nature that will destroy us in our own natural way.

A nature that is given time, a nature that is given peace, is nature I want to believe in, for that is the nature of belief.

By Eoin Tyrrell

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