I am walking down an arched-tree lane,
All the light comes in from between the leaves,
A red squirrel runs up a tree,
The leaves rustle quietly in a soft wind,
The breeze against my cheek is so cold that I stop moving,
I can faintly see the mountains in the distance,
My dog’s long claws clip quietly on the road as he trots down it,
The birds start chirping,
And the cows start mooing,
A big wooden log is on the side of the road,
It is half covered in leaves,
It had huge big trees,
And animals running everywhere,
The leaves were different shades of
Brown, red, orange dark green but mainly yellow,
It looked like a big beautiful mosaic,
The trees were so thick I could not see through,
But the colour was amazing to look at.
Nature is beautiful.

By Roisin Hensman

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