My travels with Lord Somers et al - Niamh D. G.

In Powerscourt gardens,

I roamed the world,

All of the countries were, so to speak,

On the ‘green’ list;

My travel companions were

Explorers of renown-

Thunberg, Jeffrey, Menzies, to name a few,

Lord Somers, no less, and Dr Pocock.


Our first stop was Portugal

To visit the ‘Prunus Lusitanica’,

In the blink of an eye

We were in California

Dwarfed by giant redwoods,

Examining a red cedar in Japan,

A ‘Monkey Puzzle’ in Chile,

Returning briefly to Ireland to

Rest beneath an old yew.


We travelled on

From Alaska to Southern California,

From Terra del Fuego to China,

Rested under cedars in Lebanon,

Scaled the snowy Himalayan peaks,

Finally ending our travels

Under a tall Scots Pine,

The last stop on the Tree Trail,

Where I bade my guides farewell.


They had told me our travels

Would take about forty minutes,

But I had lingered, lingered,

Intoxicated by the fragrance 

Exuded by Pine and Winter’s Bark

In the warm, humid air,

Enchanted by the ‘arborality’ of

Each individual tree,

The stories they had to tell.

By Niamh Denise Griffith

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