Memories of a Lifetime

Sunday afternoon the beautiful Powerscourt Demesne

An elegant mansion under the Wicklow Hills

Two lovers drive along the tree lined avenue

Languishing on the impressive steps savouring the expanse below

Tiered gardens with manicured beds of marigolds verbena and dahlias

Magnificence inspired by Versailles Vienna and Heiderberg

Love blossoming amid the summer blooms


Two decades pass a picnic in Powerscourt

First born son and his friends

Young faces filled with expectation and curiosity

Freedom on the wide open lawn

Exploring under watchful adult eyes

Recognising the distinctive Sugar Loaf mountain

Heady perfumes thrill the senses

Winged horses and exotic sculptures

Inspiring youthful imagination

Cannons at the Pepperpot Tower fuelling heroic tales

Fountain water spurting to the sky

A glimpse of a lone majestic heron amidst rushes

On the banks of the Dartry River

“Grandad ?

Where is the highest waterfall in Ireland?”

“Powerscourt Demense”

We will take you there someday

Eager expressions happy with excitement

Fascinated by expansive fields of bluebells and daffodils

Exploring Japanese and Italian gardens and a pet cemetery

Spotting shy Sika deer and the tallest tree on this Island


A Great Grandmother sits in solitude beside the waterfall

Rapid waters cascading down age worn rocks

Watching the sun sink in the west

A soft gathering dust turns the Sugar Loaf to a silhouette

Four generations share this glorious place

Cherished memories of a lifetime

If Heaven is as beautiful and peaceful

It is where I hope we meet again

By Nora Fleming

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