Memories in Bloom

I remember many summers

As a little Dublin girl

Being brought by my lovely parents

To this magical floral whirl.


Myself and my smaller brother

Together hand in hand

Tumbling down to hidden hollows

Laughing loudly as we'd land.


While Mam and Dad would beckon us

Into rambling walks and trails

With pops of colours and secret views

Our amazement never failed.


Little secret gardens.

Me being 'Alice in Wonderland'

Expecting 'Mad Hatter' to invite me to tea

With a cup and saucer in my hand.


On through the delicate Japanese gardens

With Azaleas, Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms.

Running to stop on an arched, vibrant red bridge.

Gazing at fish in the stream at the bottom.


And on our return once again

Oh I'd long to see that magnificent man.

Kneeling at home in his lake with powerful lungs

Blowing water sky-high, as only he can.


And I'd gaze off up in the distance

To the peak of the Sugarloaf Mountain

And wonder if it really tasted like it's name

While I heard the whoosh of a fountain.


These are all my memories of so long ago

As I'm now a middle aged gran.

My lovely dad passed away a few months ago

And decades, like a flash in a pan.


But Powerscourt Gardens were always a stable.

An escape to a fantasy world.

Imaginations of nature, all just for us

Whether adults, or little boys or girls.


And as I'm writing this poem it's a little bittersweet

For I can close my eyes in this very room

And remember the times with lovely dad long ago.

Us rambling through gardens in bloom.

By: Bernadette

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