The Majestic Wall of Water - Catherina F.

I travelled to see what all the fuss was about
To hear the sound of the majestic water
Cascading down the wall
At the waterfall
It is so tall, larger than I could have imagined
The colours changed with the weather
Not blue or clear as I expected
Green and tones of copper
But varying as it meandered
I wondered about your course
Where is the source and where did it end
Would I find out?
On a walk about
I wondered if anyone would marry here
And have it as their background
I will make this a regular stomping ground
With picnics outdoors and listening to the quiet sounds
Of nature all around
This is a heavenly place
To get some peaceful headspace
I have come to appreciate the outdoors
Gardening and watching the blooms
In awe at what is sown and the rewards that are repeated
Nature has been speaking to us
All that is certain now is day follows night
But I know for sure this place fills me with delight
And fills the heart with light

By Catherina Farrell

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