Adults and children alike feel the magic as around the fountain they peer!

The River Walk displaying Autumnal colours

Eclipsed only by the Crystal Waterfall spilling down

And the dewy mist surround

Vivid the colours, evocative scents. Remind me of memories of yesteryear


This Majestic Estate where Happy Memories are made

Takes a place in the heart of all those who visit

Gazing in delight at the Magnificent Blooms on Parade

Bursting with colour and fragrance these gardens delight

Painters, walkers, assorted visitors smiles shining bright


The Blushing Bride glowing in the beautiful surround of nature

Adding to the memories and history ensconced in every feature

Powerscourt your rich history and beauty is entwined in the fabric

Of each golden thread of memories fantastic

To be shared and passed down as

The most precious of Gowns


As each day invites another memory to be made

In the lush, beautiful gardens

Or waterfall serenade

Thank you for your mystery beauty and peace

Truly the essence of making the world a magical place

By: Joan, Age 57, County Dublin



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